GeoGRAFX GIS Services

Management, Analysis and Presentation of Geologic Data


Video presentations are increasingly popular as a means of providing information.  They can be transmitted worldwide almost instantly to hand-held devices and can be enlarged for projection on larger screens.  Clients appreciate the ease with which they can be up-dated when new information is gathered.  GeoGRAFX has worked with many clients in preparation of videos.  Typically, the video is a Power Point that displays a series of slides with text and illustrations, either maps or photographs.  Other types of videos incorporate videocam footages with voice over.  Links commonly are posted on the client's website and on SEDAR.

From detailed and accurate 3D geospatial data, GeoGRAFX generates realistic fly-throughs of a specific site to help audiences better understand the overall scene with regard to the project being presented. Workmans Creek example