GeoGRAFX GIS Services

Management, Analysis and Presentation of Geologic Data


You only have one chance to make a first impression. Nothing could be more true when communicating with retail and institutional investors. The ability to clearly communicate your Company's value proposition is critical to generating shareholder interest.

At Geografx, we are able to build high quality PowerPoint presentations that accurately incorporate your Company‚Äôs key message and convey your present situation and future potential.  We do everything from basic templates to advanced animation and custom presentation graphics.  Templates are essentially PowerPoint stationery. They are the foundation and framework of every slide in your Power Point deck. They brand your business presentation to fit your organization and its identity and keep it consistent with the rest of your collateral. While templates are the foundation for a professional deliverable, the content on each slide is critical to effectively delivering your message. Slide content should visually communicate concepts in a compelling way that supplements and reinforces the verbal presentation. As with templates, we offer different levels of presentation services varying in complexity and price.


  • Presentation Design
  • Content Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Coaching and Training