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Surfaces Module
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The Discover Surfaces module provides a rich suite of functions and tools for creating and analyzing gridded surfaces. This 69 minute Webinar provides an introduction to the Discover Surfaces Module. The topics include:

  • What is a Surface Grid
  • Configuring Grid File Formats
  • Generate an Elevation Grid *Grid Information
  • Modify Grid Appearance
  • Creating a Legend for a Grid
  • Update Vector Object with Grid Values
  • Create Grid Contours
  • Exporting Contours to 3D DXF
  • Contour Label Positioner
  • Convert Grid to New Format
  • Importing a Grid File
  • Clipping a Grid
  • Reproject a Grid

The Webinar uses MapInfo Professional ® v10.0 and Encom Discover ® v11.0.