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Selecting & Querying Data
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Understanding “selections” is essential if you wish to work effectively with any GIS system. The 50 minute Webinar covers some of the Selection and Data Querying tools. These tools include:

  • MapInfo Graphical Selection Methods - MapInfo Professional includes several tools on the Main toolbar to allow you to choose records for further viewing and analysis, including the Select tool, Radius Select tool, Marquee Select tool, Polygon Select tool, Boundary Select tool, and Invert Selection tool. Each tool is discussed in the video
  • Discover Graphical Selection Utilities - Discover provides additional tools to select objects. These include Select by Object Style, Select by Group, Split Table.
  • Selecting by Query - MapInfo makes finding information and locations easy. You can create subset databases of your information by using the Select function.
  • The Query>Find Tool - Find allows you to locate individual objects. When an object is located, it is marked with a symbol.

The Webinar uses MapInfo Professional ® v10.0 and Encom Discover ® v11.0.