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Geochem Module
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The 45 minute Webinar covers the Discover Geochem Module which provides the following functionality:

  • Point Classification - Apply incremented colour, size or symbol styles to a point dataset, allowing the definition of homogenous data classes by ranges or groups of values.
  • Trivariate Point Classification - Set threshold values for up to three selected fields to determine if a sample population can be separated into homogenous groups, including interdependent relationships between the elements.
  • Data Levelling - Normalize geochemical data to identify anomalous values regardless of sample type, sample method, background geology or regolith unit.
  • Summary Statistics - Report standard statistical results for a geochemical dataset and save the results to a separate table.
  • Compute Correlation Matrix - Calculate the correlation coefficients for two elements and determine their relative variation.

The Data Handling Options tool can be accessed from any tool on the Geochem menu. The Webinar uses MapInfo Professional ® v10.0 and Encom Discover ® v11.0.