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Drillhole Display
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The Discover Drillhole Display module provides a comprehensive environment for processing and visualizing drillhole data. This 1 hour 45 minute Webinar covers the following steps to create drillhole sections:

  1. Organize all drillhole data into a format recognized by MapInfo.
  2. The collar table must be mappable. ie. displayed in a map window.
  3. Create a new drillhole project and assign the correct table and column names.
  4. Use the data validation utility to check for drillhole name mismatches, missing data, sample overlaps or end of hole depth discrepancies.
  5. Display Plan map to check for hole trace irregularities.
  6. Select a section line or number of drillholes and create the section.
  7. Select and display downhole data on section.
  8. Add the section to a layout window at the correct scale including section grid and titleblock ready for printing.
  9. Save the section to be used in the future.

These training courses are designed to provide geologists with an overview of the software capabilities as well as a thorough understanding of many advanced features.


The Webinar uses MapInfo Professional ® v10.5 and Encom Discover ® v12.0.