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Developing Management Strategies in the Resource Sector for Use of GIS

It is critical for success in the resource sector that management understand the various roles within their corporation and can ensure they align corporate goals with their management responsibilities.  Accurate and concise communication is key to ensuring clarity of purpose. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides an essential communication tool to relay corporate messages internally and externally as well as a critical tool for insightful exploration.  This short course is meant for managers who are not already educated in GIS techniques that require an understanding of the importance of GIS success within their corporation.  Managers, to better understand GIS, must understand the strategic approach for the integration of hardware, software, data, people and methods and how the implementation reflects the importance of existing organizational elements; for example the interaction of GIS in the environmental, community communications, exploration and investor relations sectors of a company.  Attendees will gain a better appreciation of what is involved in a successful deployment of GIS and a better understanding of how to position GIS to achieve corporate goals.

Course Duration

1 day; 9:00 am - 4:00pm

Training Centers & Dates

Register Now Toronto, ON US$350/person prior to PDAC March 2, 2013

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