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GIS Data Standards and Best Practices for Mining & Exploration – Improving the Ease of Sharing Commonly Needed Data

GIS offers multiple applications to the mining industry with tools to gather, compile, process, display, analyze and archive extensive volumes of data. The effective implementation and use of GIS for the advancement of exploration, mine production and project expansion is now crucial. After speaking to exploration managers, and GIS specialists over the past months, it has become clear that the full benefits and potential that GIS has to offer still haven’t been fully realized.  This one day course will address some of the issues encountered in the day-to-day use of GIS systems.  It is intended for both Managers, and GIS specialists who what to make the most of their GIS investment.  Examples will use both MapInfo/Discover and Arc/Target platforms.

Data Capture
Selecting correct projection, scale, and units.  Automating the process.
· Point Data – GPS data capture and demos – importing .gpx files.  Bring your gps  unit – we will work with data capture and importing .gpx files into both MapInfo and Arc.
· Linework – Raster to vector Conversion, Tablet/PDA capture
· Assay Data – Historical, Lab Results, Portable XRF, Current practices
· Usable data types – scanned images (greyscale vs Black + white images), spatial reference requirement, AutoCAD
· Map registration- projection requirements and the use of control points for accurate registration

Data Compilation
· Tables – What information needs to be available for accuracy of data analysis and software function
· Map Units -  requirements for analysis and software function
· Database – Format that will work for multiple software applications
· Access – Downloading drilling and lab results directly from server

Current Standards
· Map Symbology – USGS standards for features and lithology colors; using color brewer and typebrewer, and Mapinfo symbols.  We will provide the USGS color standards in both Arc and MapInfo formats.

Data Output
· PDF- layer control, paper size, and scale
· Paper Output – The right paper size for the map scale
· Resource Compliant
· 3D Models – Capabilities of Discover 3D and Target with demos
· IPAD- Mobile viewing of Mapinfo Tab and ArcGIS shapefiles
· Web Output

Future Trends
The near and longer term hardware and software developments that impact the geospatial community are discussed with some examples.

Course Duration
1 day; 9:00 am - 4:00pm

Training Centers & Dates

Register Now Toronto, ON US$350/person prior to PDAC March 1, 2013
Completed Vancouver, BC US$350/person prior to Roundup January 26, 2013
Completed Tucson, AZ US$395 Member
US$495 Nonmember
Presented by SME December 2, 2012
Completed Tucson, AZ US$225/person October 21, 2011

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