GeoGRAFX GIS Services

Management, Analysis and Presentation of Geologic Data

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GeoGRAFX GDMS is a comprehensive geological data management system that assists mining and exploration companies in collecting, validating, querying and reporting on their geological data.  GeoGRAFX GDMS is a fully customizable system that allows our clients to enforce their own specific business rules to ensure data integrity for downstream analysis, resource evaluation, and auditing.

From greenfields exploration through to mine production, GeoGRAFX GDMS has the ability to manage data from surface sampling, drilling, open pit and underground mapping and Quality Assurance / Quality Control all in one central database.  GeoGRAFX GDMS is built on the Century Systems’ Fusion Data Management System and manages data over the Internet using state-of-the art security.  This solution puts companies back in charge of their own data while offering individuals with the appropriate privileges access to relevant data and the tools needed to analyze it. 

Our hosted database solution is ideal for companies who want to focus on their business and not spend time and resources on installation, managing or maintaining an in-house data system.

GeoGRAFX Geological Data Management System (GDMS)

GeoGRAFX GDMS allows our clients to manage all of their geological data in one common central database.  The nature of our hosted solutions caters to those clients who need organized and valid data that is easy to query and report on but may not necessarily have the resources in house to support a system like this on their own.  Years of research and development have gone into the design of GeoGRAFX GDMS to provide an easy to use solution for geoscientists to collect, manage and analyse their geological data in the field, at the mine and in the office.

GeoGRAFX GDMS has been designed so that individual mining and exploration companies can configure their own central geological database, enforce their own specific business rules and manage their own data.  This ensures confidence in the data used for downstream analysis and resource evaluation.  The advanced security systems in GeoGRAFX GDMS allows users to easily and securely access their data using off the shelf software tools for querying and reporting.

From greenfields/brownfields exploration to mine production, GeoGRAFX GDMS manages all drilling, open pit and underground mapping, surface sampling and Quality Assurance / Quality Control data all in one central database.

GeoGRAFX GDMS is available 24/7, scalable, and can be used by distributed project teams in situations that range from small exploration projects to multinational, multi-site enterprises. 

With GeoGRAFX GDMS, you enter the data, you control the access, and you store, manage, share, collaborate, report on and take control of your geological data.


The strength of GeoGRAFX lies in our ability to customize data management solutions that are specific to our customers’ requirements.  In order to achieve this, GeoGRAFX has several data management solutions from which clients can choose from:

  • Option 1: Companies purchase the Century Systems data collection solutions they need and access GeoGRAFX GDMS through the internet.  Within this option, there are several plans to choose from.  The plans are based on data storage and bandwidth requirements and can be tailored to grow with your company.  GeoGRAFX will provide training, support and additional services as needed.  This solution is ideal for companies who have the in-house geological expertise, want to manage and administer their own database, but do not have the necessary infrastructure or IT capabilities to host their own server.
  • Option 2: Companies purchase the Century Systems data collection solutions they need and access GeoGRAFX GDMS through the internet.  With this option, GeoGRAFX will manage the hosted solution for you and provides data management support for your project for a monthly fee.  This option is perfect for companies who have the geological resources available, but may not necessarily have the time or internal capabilities to manage and administer the system on their own.
  • Option 3: Companies outsource their data management requirements to GeoGRAFX.  We host the database using GeoGRAFX GDMS and provide the client with the services that they require.  Data can then be synchronized or exported to the client or other third party stakeholders who need access to it.  This is a solution for groups of technical people who may not necessarily have the infrastructure or expertise in place to utilize a Geo Data Collection and Management system on their own, but still wish to benefit from the advantages GeoGRAFX offers.  This option allows us to assist our clients while they continue to focus on what they do best, which is the discovery and development of resources.


  • Ability to store data in a central location which is accessible through any Internet connection
  • 24/7 encrypted web-based access available via subscription with robust security and strong password features.
  • Secure Access & Recovery
  • Open Structure (MS SQL Server, ODBC)
  • Flexible Structure That is Able to Adapt to Our Clients’ Requirements
  • Designed to Store Drill Hole, Sample, Map and QAQC Data
  • Ability to Create Your Own Tables, Columns & Pick Lists
  • Ability to Create Users & User Roles & Business Units
  • Advanced Security
  • No Programming Required
  • Facilities in Place to Import & Export Data
  • Generate reports

Securely and Safely Manage your Data

With GeoGRAFX GDMS, you can take your work with you.  The system design provides a secure interface that allows system users to move data between GeoGRAFX GDMS and client PC's (where the data collection solutions reside) by utilizing an easy-to-use Check In/Check Out system.  GeoGRAFX GDMS also includes the ability to share data with external systems such as Datamine, Vulcan, MineSight, Gemcom, Surpac, MapInfo or ArcInfo.

Centralize data storage for all geological and costing data including:

  • All types of sampling including geochemical, whole rock, grab, channel, environmental
  • Drill hole information including greenfields exploration, brownfields exploration, mines exploration and grade control
  • Underground and open pit mapping
  • Geochemical QA/QC

How does it Work?

  • GeoGRAFX GDMS clients purchase space and bandwidth. There are three comprehensive packages available to choose from.
  • Data input, database configuration, administration, querying and reporting is all done through client PC's.
  • Data is queried and reports produced using either solutions provided to the client or Geo GRAFX expertise.
  • Data is shared with Datamine, Vulcan, MineSight, Gemcom, Surpac, MapInfo, ArcInfo and others using utilities within the system


  • Lower Initial Capital Costs
    Companies subscribe to GeoGRAFX GDMS under pay-as-you-go terms based on flat fees and system usage. No investments in server hardware or long-term software license agreements are required.  Costs and resources to deploy new IT initiatives are also significantly less.  With GeoGRAFX maintaining your data, there is no need to support constant updates, backup files and or implement new versions. This means clients realize additional IT savings immediately and over time.
  • Streamline inefficient and costly data management processes
    By utilizing GeoGRAFX GDMS, clients improve and simplify data management through streamlined work flows and process automation achieving both time and monetary savings.
  • Save on Redundancy
    Clients save capital by eliminating redundant data management systems, tools and software licenses. GeoGRAFX GDMS removes the need for companies to handle server-side installation, set-up and daily upkeep and maintenance. 
  • Improve Data Quality
    All data entered into GeoGRAFX GDMS is checked, validated, documented and auditable - key features for robust Geological Data Management Systems.
  • Data Access
    One of the greatest advantages of GeoGRAFX GDMS is the freedom it gives you in terms of when and where you choose to work.  All the data in GeoGRAFX GDMS is stored on our web servers, meaning you can log into your account wherever you are in the world and get to your data instantly. 
  • Data Security
    Our data security plan ensures the safety and integrity of the data within GeoGRAFX GDMS. We keep up to date with the latest technologies so you don’t have to.

All mines and projects have needs for statuatory reporting, data auditing and the ability to query their data for planning and target identificaition.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   to discuss how we can tailor a system to your needs, allowing you to meet those obligations while saving you time and resources.