GeoGRAFX GIS Services

Management, Analysis and Presentation of Geologic Data

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GeoGRAFX provides innovative computer-based data integration, management, and presentation services which cover the spectrum of the mineral exploration and mining industry; from grass-roots reconnaissance maps to the preparation of auditable databases for feasibility studies. The service allows large volumes of data to be processed rapidly to allow real-time decision-making.

All data projects are managed and conducted by experienced geoscientists and software engineers trained and skilled in the application of computer technology to mineral exploration. GeoGRAFX' turnkey approach to data capture and processing allows rapid movement of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data into a structured and usable format. Solutions are seamless and cost effective and may be applied to various earth science applications including geological, hydrological, and geotechnical exploration, site characterization, and environmental mapping, assessment, monitoring, and remediation.



Geological Data Management
GeoGRAFX GIS Services offer data management and validation consulting services for projects at various stages of development, from exploration to mining, to ensure data quality meets reporting guidelines.

We preferably operate with Century Systems SQL based Geological Database Management System termed FUSION or any MSAccess database to provide the following services:

  • Design, implementation, and management of data systems that meet client needs
  • Import of client data including geological logging, assay, geotechnical and geophysical in a wide variety of data formats
  • Auditing and Validation of all data and data quality
  • Design of customised validation procedures
  • Flexible reporting and presentation of all data
  • Comprehensive QAQC analysis and reporting
  • Independent Data Quality reviews and reports

GeoGRAFX Geological Data Management System (GDMS)
GeoGRAFX GDMS is a solution for the collection and management of drillhole, point sample, mapping and geochemical QA/QC data.  It gives our clients the ability to have a database that is validated and customized to fit their needs and business operating rules. As part of the easy to use system, it gives readily available reporting options, the ability to quickly query your data, options for exporting to downstream modelling and GIS packages and audit readiness.

The central GeoGRAFX GDMS server is hosted by us to alleviate the financial and human resources issues that managing and maintaining your own server can present.   The GeoGRAFX GDMS server is internet based, uses state of the art security and gives your staff secure 24/7 access to the data they need based on their role in your organization.

We offer multiple plans to meet the differing needs of each and every one of our clients.  For more information, please click here…

Geographical Information Systems
GeoGRAFX’s GIS team add value to exploration and mining projects through the combination of practical experience and exposure to projects worldwide to ensure a project at any stage of development is technically strong, focussed and cost efficient.

  • Data compilation verification and cataloging
  • Raster to vector conversion, datum conversion, and data projection to data set
  • Drill hole data capture and display
  • Target generation using multivariate analysis and Spatial Data Modelling
  • 3D geological interpretation and modelling
  • Resource delineation and pre-feasibility studies
  • GIS training and support
  • Software includes : MapInfo/Discover/Discover 3D, ArcGIS/Target, AutoMap

Information Technology implementation
GeoGRAFX provides support in all areas of IT Consulting; from day to day admininstration of desktops, and office servers, networks and disaster recovery to web based applications and development.

  • Application integration
  • Network and systems support
  • Network security, virus protection
  • Remote services (VPN, web sites)
  • Backup and redundancy solutions

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