GeoGRAFX GIS Services

Management, Analysis and Presentation of Geologic Data


GeoGRAFX. has years of experience creating custom maps. We can work with MapInfo/Discover/Discover 3D, ArcGIS/Target, AutoMap, Illustrator, Map Publisher, and many other file formats. We can use your data or provide data as a base. You receive proofs of the project at every point to insure your complete satisfaction. Output can be either in digital format to incorporate with your existing files or output to our large format plotter.

GeoGRAFX provides interactive analytical tools allow our clients to visualize their projects in 3D.


  • 3D Visualization and Fly-thrus -From detailed and accurate 3D geospatial data, GeoGRAFX generates realistic fly-throughs of a specific site to help audiences better understand the overall scene with regard to the project being presented. Workmans Creek example
  • Discover3Dpdf - GeoGRAFX can now capture Discover3D models and save them as 3D pdf files. For example, a 3D model of a mine could be inserted into a PDF as part of a presentation. It can also be compressed down to the size of a few megabytes, so it can easily be sent as an e-mail attachment. View an example of one of the Discover 3D training data sets saved as a 3D pdf file (3.6MB).
  • Google Earth - from Desktop to Website - GeoGRAFX now provides the tools, for mining companies to embed Google Earth and add content to maps on their web site through a variety of services or download data to the Google Earth desktop. This allows you to create robust maps applications on your corporate website. For example, investors can stay updated on the current project status visually, rather than trying to make sense of tables of drill hole results. View an example of Mineral Occurrences in the State of Sonora, Mexico.
  • More than your Standard Web Map - GeoGRAFX & Moonlite Enterprises provides the mining and investment community an ability to view and interact with their spatial data via the internet, either embedded on a corporate website or through a web portal. READ MORE
  • GISROAM for iPad - GISRoam is an easy to use but powerful mobile GIS app for iIPad and iPhone that enables Shapefile and Tab file¬†viewing, editing, colorization, and collection over user loaded imagery or Google background maps. View object attributes, legends from one convenient location.

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